Frequently asked questions

Most domestic orders can be expected, in your hands, within 2 weeks. Many will arrive sooner than that.

Because of the customs process, International orders can take two to four weeks to arrive.

We made a sizing chart, just for you! Go check it out.

We have a very limited window of time when we can still make changes to a placed order. 

Nonetheless, if you made a mistake when ordering, send us an email immediately at We will try our best to catch the order before it moves into processing, which is when the automated process can no longer be interrupted.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

So you picked up on that, huh?

Bees are a great example of community found in the natural world. They know that they need each other.

Bees are vital parts of the ecosystem. They literally make the world a better place.

And though bees have been known to fly up to seven miles in search of food, they always find their way back to the hive.

(They're also pretty dang cute.)

Pretty sure. But also, a cult of neurodiverse creators who, for some reason, worship bees? Yeah, we'd watch that show.

what the heck is hivemind?

Settle down. Click below.